This is a blog written by an ordinary student, with help from his classmates.  We will be updating this part of the blog roughly every Thursday, however we may miss some deadlines or post them earlier than that as this is our first time at blogging, so it’s a bit of a novelty at the moment. This first insert to our blog will be a rough introduction to what we want to do.

Drama Lessons

Chinese Theatre:

This part will be a blog about Chinese theatre in our school. In our 2012 Drama GCSE lessons, we learnt how to perform a traditional Chinese theatrical piece. We were also studying the techniques of Chinese theatre; however we did not know everything about this intricate topic. The aim of our lessons was to eventually perform a Chinese theatrical style piece based on ‘the butterfly lovers’ (the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet). Our teacher had readily researched this subject and tried to learn as much as possible regarding it. However, despite his extensive searches, some aspects of the theatre are still vague or unknown to us. Because of this, we are asking for any comments on this particular subject, whether they are just what you think, or techniques which could be useful in any way for our GCSE. We will be posting regular updates of what we learn and what we hope to learn and, if there are any mistakes, please correct us.


We have all visited amazing spectacles on stage and we have the wonder of trying to portray the spectacular atmosphere and intense acting that we saw in, most likely, over two hours, in fewer than three hundred and fifty words. It’s an amazing feat, and we hope to influence you in your theatre choices. We do not have a regular time for updating this genre on our blog, however, we will update it as much as we can. If anyone has seen any of these performances, feel free to comment on your thoughts on the performance. And, as always, comment your views on the article and whether you were later compelled to see the play after. We are now trying a new idea. If any of you readers have seen an interesting theatre production recently, we would like to invite you to post a review on the scrapbook page (press here) so everybody can read it. We may even repoat the review as a part of our actual blog, of course thanking you for it. I would like to reiterate, although I cannot guarantee all comments will show up on the feed or that all reviews will get reblogged, I can promise all will be read and taken in.

Scrapbook (contact us):

This part is a relatively new addition which allows you; the reader, to message us and tell us what you think of our blog. It is relatively new and is still undeveloped to the point of which it could be. We are still aiming to improve it, however it may not be up to it’s fullest standards for a short while. Despite its small capacity, we would love your views on our blog and would like to get to know how you found it, and why you read it. We hope that you learn something whilst reading our blog, and if you did, why not tell us so we know what parts work well. Another thing is if you find anything wrong with our blog (not very interesting, misspelt words or any lack of information in our blog, then also write in and tell us. If, however, you have a specific comment to make on a piece if blogging material specifically (one of the posts), we would still prefer you to post it on that post. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that all will appear, we can promise it will be read.

Beijing theatre from here

background image from here


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