Chinese Theatre Lesson one

In our first lesson, we learnt about what is used in Chinese theatre. This, however, may not be completely correct and, if anyone finds that it isn’t, please don’t hesitate to correct us. If you have read or know the butterfly lovers and you would like to put ideas as an input, we would love to hear it as well. We learnt that Chinese theatre is a complex subject and many small things can change anything. Chinese theatre uses masks and colours very often, as these are major parts to the makeup, although we will go into further detail in a later entry. Chinese scenery is also very minimalist as they try and portray an entire play with, maybe, the set being just one chair. They use characters for all parts to try and build up a scene in the audience’s mind. They use characters for inanimate things like wind rain and sun to create understanding. Their costumes are extravagant; however, as actors are dressed up in beautifully woven costumes using bright colours to really show the character. Most characters also have colourful masks and face paints to also add to the colour on stage. In Chinese theatre, they also have stock characters, like in British theatre, although they differ a lot from the traditional stock characters in England, although we will go into this later, along with the use of elements to describe characters and how the lou (please correct me if the spelling is wrong and also how to pronounce it) is used to place characters on the stage.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you visit tomorrow for our second lesson, which should be posted at around half one (GMT)


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