The Power of Drama

Drama is one of those topics that students mainly bypass when coming to choose their topics to study for GCSEs as it may not appeal to them or they may just see it as a pointless waste of time and a lesson in which they can’t have a mess around with mates for the most part.

The reason that I personally picked drama as a GCSE to take in one of my three, non restricted options is because not only do I enjoy it but I also see the use of it too. Drama, to me, opens more doors than people may think, it is a fantastic skill to have as it teaches you how to be confident in yourself, to speak up and be clear in what you say. The subject studies in great detail how to project your voice in a certain way that can be clear but not too loud and over powering, a useful skill in any interview, I should imagine. The subject also allows you to express your creativity as it allows you to have the freedom, within limits, to do whatever you like which means you can explore many different techniques and you are not just restricted to guidelines. This is why I find drama very useful as it teaches you to channel your creativity in a way that is useful to yourself and could help you in any situation.

Drama allows you to see the world through other peoples eye’s, it helps you to respect and understand other people. This is because the chances are when you are playing a role; you generally are not playing yourself. Usually to make this role a bit easier for you to play, you try and relate it to something you may know or have seen on TV or in the street. This allows you to look through their eyes as it will make you think about being in their situation and how they would react or how would they say something. Improvisation is a good example of this. When you are told to improvise with a group of people, you are told a theme and then a character and then you have to improvise, what would they say? How would they react? What kind of posture would they have? What kind of actions would they use and in what situations would they use them? These are the sorts of questions that you find the answers to and it is a very rewarding feeling to have the knowledge of seeing the world differently; from someone else’s point of view. It makes you have a wider opinion on matters and makes you appreciate people more than you would maybe do normally.

On top of all this, drama is tremendous fun and it is very fulfilling when you and your peers can create a great piece that you know you have really worked hard for. The skills that drama gives you are key skills not only in the subject but for whatever part of life you are in. However most students look at drama in the same way, which you would think is maybe ignorant, at first but then you can see what drama really means to them. This means that you can maybe understand why they would not choose drama and why they might think this about drama, for some people, it’s just not their cup of tea, but for others, it may be confidence issues or their lack of knowledge in their own creativity.

You don’t just have to be an actor or actress to take drama, there are many different things that you can do. You can go into costume and make up which allows you to explore different cultures and how they will do someone’s face to exaggerate different parts of them. There is also a lot of history behind make up and a lot of traditions can be seen through it, such as the traditional Chinese make up for example. You could also go backstage and do the lights and effects side of drama which allows you to work in different sorts of industries and will give you some of the skills you need to act and you will need to know the best place to stand to make you self stand out or create a certain mood. It also is a very complicated job to have and some may argue one of the most important parts to have as it really does take a massive effect on the whole piece being performed. You can also be offset, creating stages props and working on the stage design, using a more artistic approach that allows you adapt the scene and create whichever mood you want.

Overall i can safely say that there are many aspects of drama that you can excel in and there really is great power to be found in drama, opening up and whole different variety of doors, it really is a fantastic subject.


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2 responses to “The Power of Drama

  1. A very good post, drama also enables you to develop life skills such as Public Speaking, social skills; etiquette and interaction with others and improves your overall confidence in life. I also find that those who have a background in drama are better at trying new things and taking up opportunities.
    Aside from that you learn so much if you research around a play; Drama links well to English, Law, Languages, RE, Politics and so many other disciplines due to the issues and topics theatre considers… Great post.. looking forward to the rest of your posts :)

    • Thank you, we try as hard as we can to make sure people enjoy our posts. thank you for commenting and adding details we have forgotten to add into our blog :)


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