Chinese Theatre Lesson 4

Today, we started off the lesson with the register, but, when our names were called, we had to ‘bust some moves’ (which were mainly Gangnam style or bad dancing) to Basshunter- All I Ever Wanted.

We expanded on our knowledge of Chinese theatre, showing each other our designs for traditional stock characters. We then discussed further ideas for a production of ‘The Butterfly Lovers.’ These included development on the ideas of the use of water sleeves, and how to use costumes and headdresses. We wondered also about Chinese funeral wear and wedding receptions. Traditional Chinese headdresses and helmets are especially elaborate, with swirling fins and sequined embroidery for high powered characters. Also, we learnt how different costume colours can represent different characteristics. These can be both different and similar to the colours used in masks and makeup.

For the second part of the lesson, we experimented with different set designs, using a simple minimalist prop philosophy. There was a permanent altar situated upstage centre; however that was often the extent of the set. These sets were for different parts of the butterfly lovers, after we had brain stormed what sets we would like to use in the performance and decided how the stock set could be adapted for each of the scenes.


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