T’ai chi ch’uan

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a form of internal martial art practiced for its defence training and the health benefits of performing it. T’ai Chi Chu’an requires slow, flowing and specific movements with both arms and legs in a certain routine.

Tai Chi Chu’an originates from China, and can be used as medical therapy to release muscular tension in the body and to open internal circulation of the blood. People who practice T’ai Chi Chu’an can sometimes use it as a form of meditation and a form of non-violent/soft style martial art.

T’ai chi ch’uan was named after three different Chinese words listed below:

  • – t’ai / tai – supreme amazing, great
  • – chi / ji – ultimate, extreme
  • – ch’uan / quan – fist, boxing

In China, T’ai Chi Chu’an is practiced by many people in public places, in groups or on their own. People use T’ai Chi as a form of Yoga, like in Western Culture to relieve tension.

It is used in Chinese theatre to show strength, but also to show a feminine side. It is used to add precise meanings to the audience and every different movement has a different meaning. It is used as a way of portraying discipline and showing how precise movement adds tension.


picture from http://www.dummies.com


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