Chinese Theatre Lesson 5

This is another insert into the wonder that is GCSE Drama lessons. This week’s lesson started off with a slight twist because two of us had German exchanges over. This meant that, rather than having just 12 students (and our teacher), there should have been 14 of us. This lesson we introduced ourselves (for the aid of the German exchanges) and started to learn a new part of Chinese theatre, a part which is greatly used to show strength, but also femininity; Martial arts, or, to be more accurate, Tai chi. We started off watching a short ten minute video which taught us how to do some moves, including the white crane, the horse mane and how to do some basic movements, such as turning and walking in the correct fashion. We will post the video link at the bottom.

We then started an exercise where we tried to fit the rhythmic movements and synchronistic elements into different scenes which were going to be in the story. There were three groups of four (as two people were absent) with two groups including the German correspondents. The three scenes chosen were; school, where the students were following a teacher (as this is apparently what happens every morning in our sister school; Wuxi number one). One humour point of the lesson was that, on account of the German exchanges, this lesson was going to be one of the only drama lessons which would have a girl in. Yet Ross still insisted on playing the girl. The second performed was at a funeral, and we then decided we need to go into more research on the subject of Chinese weddings and funerals. The third was an offering, in which the movements were fluid and synchronised and gave a great effect on the audience.

On this point, I need to say that we are looking into filming a lesson, however it is going to be a while until we can, as we need to talk to high powers and we need permission etc from everybody and their parents… the list of necessary precautions goes on forever. In spite of this, we really hope we can start to film some lessons, especially in the near future, and on relevent subjects

The video we used:


picture from


What is your view on this?

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