China trip 2012

Up until now, it’s quite plain to see that the main theme of our drama lessons is China and Chinese Theatre. I therefore thought it would be appropriate to start a new blog section about the China trip I am going on soon with school. People going with me are going to include three teachers and a handful of around 25 students, including the author of, a very good blog which I recommend visiting. The trip will visit a few places in the east of China, although the giant size of China means that it will be impossible to visit all of the interesting places I want to visit. The trip starts this Friday, although we do not arrive in China until Saturday. This Friday is also the last day of school for a week, thanks to half term holiday. This means there aren’t going to be any lesson reviews during that week, although there may be other posts of a different nature. So, just expect to get a few posts to describe what I’m doing in China at the time and, if I can’t access the blog to update it and have to keep a lot of notes, expect a huge torrent of related posts on the Saturday we return. I’m not sure how futuretechreview are managing their coverage of the trip, but I’m pretty sure you can expect a few posts on that topic soon. So, yeah, read my inserts every day, and I would like to thank KEGS for giving me the opportunity to visit such an amazing country. However I would like to apologize for the complete randomness which I assume will entail


picture from dgreatwallofchina


What is your view on this?

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