Chinese Theatre Lesson 8 part 1

This lesson, we continued to rehearse our performances, making them reflect the style and genre. We are lucky enough to have a mandarin student in our group, and so when talking about the father and mother, we use the Chinese words. We spent the majority of the lesson writing out a script, whilst those with more major parts prepared for a performance at the end of the lesson.

During our script writing, we tried to incorporate movements throughout the Lou diagram as much as possible, as well as references to various elements which reflected the character’s personality. We also managed to include a monologue within our performance, in order to focus the audience’s attention upon the main character, and her needs. Despite this, we feel that we managed to maintain a smooth performance, with changes in terms of levels, use of space, and speaking characters.

Unfortunately, seeing as we are now in the rehearsing process, it is becoming increasingly hard to tell our readers about our progress, and so we will aim to film the next lesson (Thursday).


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