The Style, Genre and Period of our Performances

Hi readers,

We’ve been on half-term for the past week, and as a result, the number of our posts has dipped; obviously, as we haven’t had any lessons to write about. We would therefore be grateful if you would be so kind as to follow our Blog, or post a link on Facebook, Twitter etc. However, from Monday, its back to normal.

When performing, we were given the option of either modernising  our piece, our keeping it true to its origins, set “long ago.” Our target audience are English learners at our Chinese partner school, and so the performance has to be understandable, whenever we choose to set it.  Obviously, the period greatly affects the costumes which we choose, and so we have to be careful with what we do.

The style and genre encompass certain aspects of theatre, which we feel will allow us to use techniques to make our performance more interesting, such as shadow puppetry and choreographed movements, through Tai-chi. Any information on these will be very welcome! Furthermore, we try to incorporate some Mandarin Chinese into our performances, to make them feel more authentic.


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What is your view on this?

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