01/11/12 Beijing

Today, we had breakfast and nothing really interesting happened. We then got onto the coach and headed towards The Great Wall of China. We arrived at the park area and took the cable car (packed full of ‘had to be there’ moments) to the Beijing part of Great Wall. We went up to the highest point of the wall in that area (pictures will be posted) and also round to the next part. I had been wishing to visit The Great Wall since I had been a small child, so today was like a long awaited dream come true.

After leaving the wall, we arrived at a Ming vase factory where we were shown how to create a vase an went into the gift shop before going into the restaurant on the second floor. During this meal, a group of Russians sat in the table next to ours. Mr Burcher, who is a Russian teacher, decided he was going to talk to them, which is how we found out they are a school group, on a school trip.

We then had a quiz in the coach on the way to The Bird’s Nest and The Water Cube. We then arrived at The Bird’s Nest and looked around. At the time, there was a dirt bike final on, so we watched that, betting on how many crashes there would be. We then left and went around The Water Cube, where the 2008 Beijing Olympic swimming events were held.

After, we went back to the hotel and then went for some traditional Chinese food: McDonalds.



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