02/11/12 travelling back home

We woke up at 6am, feeling relieved, for we were to soon see our families, but also upset, as everyone had enjoyed the trip and wanted to stay. We got on the coach and had a ‘goodbye speech’ from our guides Regina and Lotus and we all applauded them as we shouted goodbyes. This then ended with Mr Burcher quoting Descartes (in typical Burcher fashion) and typical conversation until the arrival at the airport, typical conversation which consisted of Burcher-based banter and small-nosed abuse. The airport was supposed to look like a Dragon (with the Dragon scales on the top) and a tortoise, as a Dragon and a tortoise means ‘long life’. We then got on the plane, had a dull, boring, 10hr flight back from Beijing (which included Mr Burcher arguing with one of the air hostesses) got off the plane and had a two hour (roughly) drive back to KEGS where we were reunited with our families.


picture from http://www.worldinteriordesignnetwork.com


One response to “02/11/12 travelling back home

  1. Just caught up on your blog of the China trip! Very well written and great to hold onto those amazing memories!
    The only thing that you perhaps missed out was the regular comment from a member of the group….”is it veggie though?”

    Well done!
    Miss W

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