26-27/10/12 Travelling to Shanghai

Today, after waking up at six am, I arrived at school around half seven to find everyone just waiting in their cars, not daring to walking into the school. When the clock finally reached exactly 7:30, a wave of car doors opened and everyone made for the school doors, scared of being late.

Once inside, I met up with SS, from http://futuretechreview.wordpress.com/ and Mr X (for he did not want to be named. Just assume he is Voldemort). After having a half hour long wait, we walked to the coach and got on. We then had an hour long drive to Heathrow which included playing blackjack, listening to terrible music and having our minds blown by the amazing magical talents of “Dex”. We then had an annoyingly long wait until we got on the plane at around 1:30 (including Gangnam styling through security and a long game of bluff/cheat) and left. The plane journey lasted ten hours an five minutes and ended with me falling asleep for two hours whilst listening to Sherlock Holmes. SS, Mr. X and I spent the journey doing very ‘KEGS’ things, such as crosswords, Sudoku, etc.

We then reached China, and the interesting part of my day finally started happening. Although this was technically the next day, we had not slept, so it will count as just one day. On the coach trip we learnt about the magnet trains and how they work, the opium war and how you can buy a double bed for £25 at IKEA here. After spending two hours shopping (and being delayed due to someone deciding that his name in calligraphy was more important than being on time), we left the street and drove past buildings such as the TV tower, the Peace hotel, a ‘beer can opener’ building and the Shanghai tower, which will be finished in around 2014. We then had a meal at the z-dragon restaurant and went to the paradise hotel for the first time and, after three hours, we left for a ferry trip around the small ‘island’ which contains all the large buildings and businesses. The highlight of this was when SS and I were ‘Gangnam styling’ around the deck; a woman saw us and joined in. We then made our way back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep.



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