28/10/12 Shanghai

This morning I woke up at six am to the sight of a man doing Tai Chi outside my window (well, five floors down, not floating) and went downstairs to eat breakfast at 8am. We then checked out of the hotel for the coach to the Shanghai market, where we talked about subjects such as FIFA 13, the unreleased Black Ops 2 and the American election. We then arrived and spent a few hours walking around and buying Panda hats and walking over the Zigzag Bridge before going to the restaurant, which was just round the corner.

After leaving the restaurant, our guide for Shanghai, Fei, left as we made our way to Wuxi. On the two hour journey, we had a short mandarin lesson with our permanent host, Regina. We arrived at the Hong Yun hotel, and then left for the nearby gardens, where we were treated like celebrities and two of our teachers sang Auld Lang Syne for the eager audience. We then left, after having our sports teacher talk to the birds, and headed towards our final restaurant of the day. There, in total KEGS style, we had a philosophical argument, with food on the side. We then came back to the hotel and played table tennis for an hour (in which I came second) and came back upstairs to sleep.



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