29/10/12 Wuxi high school

This morning, we woke up in the Hong Yun hotel, ready for our full day in our sister school; Wuxi number one. We were welcomed by Ben (our main contact in Wuxi) and a large sign, which said ‘welcome to students and teachers from KEGS, Britain to Wuxi number one high school.’

We were then taken into the school building where we stopped off at a floor consisting of costumes from the different regions of China. We were then led to a conference room where we were welcomed by the deputy principal. We then walked down to the sports arena, where we watched the Monday tradition, which was comprised of a flag raising ceremony and a speech by a member of staff.

After this, we started our first lesson, which was a lesson on basic mandarin and numbers. We then went into an A-level chemistry class and learnt about latticed substances, in English, as all the subjects in the international programs are taught in English.

We then had lunch in traditional Chinese school fashion and then played a 20 minute game of basketball with the students, where we lost 5-4, due to a last minute basket by the students.

After, we made our way to the computer suite and into a music lesson, although our sports teacher and the only six form student went to go and watch a sports lesson; where they were shown the discipline of the students, as they just watched and listened for the whole 50 minutes. After this lesson, we went to the sports area again and played various sports with the Chinese students.

After, we went to an A-level room where we were given a presentation, by Michael, Cyrus and Zinnia, on how they learn British theatre in China. We were then given a tour of the museum of the school, which consists of models of the school grounds throughout time and lists of particularly successful students in the fields of politics, science, military, etc. We then left for the restaurant and went back to the hotel, played some table tennis and went to sleep.



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