30/10/12 Wuxi and travelling

Today, we woke up at six, realising we had a long day ahead. I was up and ready at the breakfast room (which I couldn’t enter because Dex had the room key needed for entrance to the restaurant), waiting for Dex. He arrived, around five minutes later, to tell me he had lost the key. Then, after ten minutes of frantic searching and buying a new one for 50 Yuan (£5 roughly), he realised it was in his other pocket. After breakfast, we left for Wuxi number one high school again. On the trip, the hotel called to alert Mr Burcher of a pair of ‘weaponised underwear’ left in one of the now vacated rooms. Much hilarity ensued.

Our first lesson was a 10th grade English lesson. Me and Justin (so nicknamed because some Chinese students thought he looked like Justin Beiber) were with six girls and learnt about their school day, homework rotas and other information about them. The lesson concluded with a version of gangnam style by me and another student.

We then headed to another room for our own lesson, on the customs of China, such as weddings, funerals and holidays. After, we had a lesson on the traditional folk art of ‘paper cutting’ in which we were taught the different ways the art is performed. We then had lunch, where we tried sushi and different chicken wraps (although the five vegetarians had a different meal). We were then taken on a tour of the sciences and humanities block. The chemistry rooms were all equipped with the latest high quality technology, the biology rooms were on the side of a large room filled with different animals, insects, fish and solitary wasps. The fourth floor we went to had a relaxing room, a room for releasing anger and frustration, and three large rooms used to study Chinese history, two including amazing artefacts. Across the corridor from that, were two giant rooms of geography, with one room filled with amazing interactive models. We then went to visit the sports building, which had a gymnastics area and two other rooms (one which was being used for cheerleading and one for table tennis; in which we were allowed to play with the students. We watched Mr Burcher play Ben at ping-pong, and only score one point). We then got changed out of our school uniform (which we wore during the whole time at Wuxi number 1 high school) and got on the coach to the train station, ready for the five hour train journey to Beijing.

After the journey, which was mainly just ‘had to be there’ banter, we met our new host for Beijing, Lotus. We went to a local restaurant and headed to the rainbow hotel. We went into our room and were astounded by the size, and the view; the best we had had so far. We put on snooker and got ready for bed.



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