Chinese theatre lesson 10 (part one)

This lesson was another normal lesson in rehearsal of our final piece, however, we had just got back from the holidays and so some of the lines we had rehearsed tirelessly had been replaced by memories of Halloween. This lesson we started learning our second scene, although, as we were missing a vital character (Zhou) we could not perform it fully.

At the end, it was our group’s turn to perform our piece, as before the holidays the other group had performed theirs (the one which had been recorded). As we had taken the view that it would be best to rehearse one scene to perfection, we had only two scenes to show, however we had rehearsed those two t0 a high level. Unfortunately, as our main character was absent on the day, our performance was ropy and JA, who stood in for CV; who played Zhou, did the best he could, however he did not know all of the lines.

After our performance, we were given advice, such as make the father willing, instead of against the idea. He als0 said that we should abandon our idea of rehearsing all of the scenes one by one, over and over. He said the best way would be to rehearse them all and then go back over them all.

We then had a brainstorm into how we were going to do this and left, safe in the knowledge of how we were going to make our performance perfect.


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