Chinese Theatre lesson 11

This week, we started with a rough introduction activity (much like the one in the video here) where one of us takes the role of the teacher and we quiz the rest of the class to see who know what.

This week, SA was chosen to be the ‘teacher’ and he played the part well, being interesting and fun, but also quizzing us well. We had well-formed debates and had a good time discussing why we chose each ‘important aspect’ and why it was more important than the others.

We then started our rehearsal process, where we were set a challenge. We were told we had until 9:50 to rehearse every scene and then a group, picked at random, would be chosen to perform. After half an hour of solid working, getting rid of bits and adding others, both groups had a satisfactory performance ready to go. This lesson, the other group performed their piece, which they pulled off spectacularly, leaving all of us in the other group worried about ours.

Their performance started as the video here and carried on with sophisticated scenes and a well thought out plot. By the end, we had seen all of the characters – the Chou was especially humorous – and their role in the performance was well explained and detailed.

Unfortunately for the other group, as they had performed well the entire performance, their ending scenes weren’t up to the same standard as the rest, which was easily picked up on. I do, however, sympathize with them, as they had only had half an hour to think up, learn and rehearse them, making it a really good play, especially under the circumstances.

I think their performance can only get better and I am looking forward to see it when it does, as it is extraordinary right now.



What is your view on this?

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