Chinese Theatre Lesson 12

This lesson, we knuckled down to rehearsing straight away, so that we could have the maximum amount of time to prepare before we were due to perform (this time, both groups performed, as last lesson we said that we greatly appreciated and desired verbal feedback from Mr R). Both groups tried to make their performances as cohesive, simplistic and comprehensible as possible, whilst still using the essential features of choreographed movements etc. The challenge really was to make the piece understandable to the target audience, and to make sure that everything included was necessary. Despite both groups having problems with light and sound, the performances went very well, with both groups remaining focussed and on task, even during technical mishaps. Mrs K. said that our performance “needed more action,” but was “smoother” than the other group’s performance, although we were very impressed by their choreographed movements. Overall, another strong rehearsal (with students giving especially strong feedback on individual performances) which contributed towards the forming of our final, GCSE ready piece.

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