Chinese Theatre Lesson 13

This week was yet another lesson in which we rehearsed for our final, GCSE ready, piece. Again, we were missing a member – TM – for he was on a school trip to the local Mosque for National interfaith week. Therefore, we decided to work on a new scene (for we could not do a scene with him in). The scene we decided to start was going to  be a monologue for Liang – played by MC – who

To make the monologue we all had in our heads reality, we all sat and had a hard brainstorming session to work out exactly what he was going to say, for we did not want it to seem out of place with neither the style, nor genre, of the performance as a whole, as these are, debatably, the most important part of making sure a GCSE Drama piece is a success. had just found out about Zhou’s arranged marriage (for the full story, press here). We had decided already that it would be odd, or out of place to have a scene where Liang just dies without a reason.

Mr R, our teacher, then came up with a great idea which would greatly aid the brainstorming process of that lesson. He suggested that we look at some kind of Chinese traditional poetry, translated into English, which fitted the scene and tension build up. Everyone straight away agreed that this was a great idea, for it would add the atmosphere we wanted, but to keep the traditional Chinese feel.

We then made our way to the computers, to search for a suitable poem. This seemed a much bigger task than it had seemed at the beginning, so, after half an hour of trying to find the perfect poem, we finally had one to rehearse. With the addition of a few Mandarin phrases, such as ‘我爱你’ which means I love you, we were ready to perform our new scene.


picture of Shi Jing (The Book of Poetry) – The Earliest Existing Collection of Chinese Poems from


What is your view on this?

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