Chinese Theatre Workshop

The other day (Thursday 22nd), we were given an amazing workshop on Chinese theatre by the amazing Kathy Hall, from the London Jing Kun (a mix of Jingju theatre from the qing dynasty and Kunqu from the ming dynasty) Opera Association. I speak on behalf of everyone when we say we loved the experience we were given, and we learned so much. We all agreed that we would be so happy to have the same thing another time.

After school, for almost 2 hours, we spent time learning tricks-of-the-trade from real Chinese theatre companies. We learnt so much in this one lesson, that it would be impossible to tell you everything we learnt in just one post, so we have decided that we will post all of the information over a longer period of time, so as not to overwhelm you with interesting Chinese theatre facts. I, personally, also thought it would be best to save some of the material, such as the portions on water sleeves and how to control a horse on stage, for over the Christmas holidays, for, otherwise, it will be two weeks without any posts on anything. Therefore a lot of the extensive research we received in that one evening will have to be spread out over the time.

What I want to express in this post is how amazing this workshop was and how much we recommend the experience. Throughout the performances, there was complete silence (which every teacher knows is almost impossible in a secondary school) which showed our utmost interest and the fascination we had in all the different aspects we were taught.

First, before I go into giving more detail in different topics in new posts, I would like to post any additional points or corrections to our original posts, using information we learnt on Thursday.

We hope you enjoy the new posts and videos we post in the coming weeks and realise how amazing the workshop really was. I recommend visiting the London Jing Kun Opera Association’s website: We want to advertise this association as much as possible as, without their help, we would be so much further away from the point we are at right now.


Picture of Kathy Hall from


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