Chinese Theatre lesson 14

This lesson we were given a solid deadline for our final GCSE performance, and the time we were given shocked us thoroughly. We were told we have until only next week before we had to finish our performance perfectly and film it to send to the students and teachers studying and teaching English in China. This was a big revelation for our group as we realised the full extent of work we had to do before we were ready, which wasn’t too much, but much more than wanted for just three lessons.

My group realised we had to finish the final few scenes and rehearse the entire routine to perfection before we could feel confident to perform the Chinese piece (the butterfly lovers) before a Chinese audience. We were all nervous and, thanks to an amazing workshop by The London Jing Kun Opera Association, we realised we had to change a lot of things in our overall performance (as seen here) which meant a change to most of the scenes we have. One  major change we had to make was the fact that, in traditional Chinese Theatre, the characters always enter on stage right, and exit from stage left (as shown by the first picture here). This means we had to mirror most of our scenes.

We therefore have our work cut out for us, and we can only hope our performance is up to scratch when it is finally ready


picture courtesy of


What is your view on this?

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