Chinese Theatre Lesson 15

Chinese Theatre Lesson 15

This lesson was the scheduled lesson for our GCSE performance of ‘The Butterfly Lovers.’ We were all psyched and had all arrived early to class, in hope that we could get some preparation time before the actual performance. For me and SA, we had to work hurriedly to set up all of the lights, to make sure that they were in the right place so as to eliminate shadow and add different tension effects – so as to influence the audience’s view- in time for the performance.

After donning hard hats and moving two lights, our teacher walked in with some amazing news. Due to the snow-day the day before, we had missed the preparation time we would have had (for many people did not get in) and so he was going to let us have until the next lesson (Tuesday 11th December) to perfect and rehearse our performances before the big day. We all (somewhat simultaneously) sighed a breath of relief, yet still acted hurriedly so as to squeeze as much rehearsal time as possible in the hour-long lesson. After me and SA had finished setting up the remaining lights, we also joined our groups again to aid with the rehearsal performance.

Sooner than we would have wanted, the lesson was over and we were all feeling either ready for the performance – for all the optimists in the class- or dismayed by the acting shown in the lesson which may have gone into the final performance if we had not had the light dusting of snow the day before. All-in-all, we had all had our eyes opened to the disarray the majority of us were in.


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