11th December 2012 – Chinese Theatre GCSE performance

11th December 2012 - Chinese Theatre GCSE performance

Today we arrived at the lesson with images of what we expected to happen dancing in our heads. We waited anxiously for our teacher as we got make-up and costumes ready for the big performance. Unfortunately for the other group – and debatably for ours as well – their main actor (TA, playing Zhou) was extremely ill, and did not feel he would be able to make the performance to his highest standards, and so my group went first.

The first course of action was to move all of the lights back to where they were supposed to be (as many had been moved for a different GCSE performance) and to plug some in where needed. After this, the music had to be set up and deliberated on by my fellow actors, as I knew they would want to know what the music was before they started acting. People went back-stage to get make-up on and the final costume choices were finally put into motion as they were tried on. We then went to set up the final butterfly ending, as that was a part which needed preparation, as we were going to drop them through a hole in the ceiling. Unfortunately, this was not allowed, as the Health and Safety guidelines would not allow school children to walk across unsafe floorboards to drop pieces of paper through a potentially deadly hole in the floor. I, personally can’t see why, but oh well.

Then came the actual performance. The lights were set up. The music was awaiting the pressing of the play button. The camera was trained on the stage to film it for the blog and our sister school Wuxi number one high school. The actors were in their correct places. The chairs and blocks were placed in the luo diagram correctly, and all our minds were set on victory over the other group (as, although we were working as a group, the schoolboy mentality to beat them was unbearable. Although I’m not sure how the winner would be decided). We were ready to go.
Twenty minutes, and one finished performance, later, we were all relieved to have gotten it off our chest. For me, whom at the beginning of the day had been totally pessimistic in thinking we would fail, I was pleasantly surprised. Our performance had turned out perfectly, with only two faults I could pick out from the lighting box. All were contented and all feedback from the other group was positive, especially about the lighting – which I was very pleased about, and everyone was ready to unleash the video unto the world via our now world-wide blog. We hope to post the video onto the blog, as I would like to show where all the effort we put in went.



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