Chinese Theatre GCSE Piece part 2

This entry into the blog will cover the lesson on 20/12/2012 (12/20/2012) and also the GCSE performance performed by the other group in our class.

As said before, countless times, our class was split up into two performing groups, as it was too big for just one. Our group had performed our final piece, and the second had theirs to go. We all walked into the classroom ready to watch theirs and compare (as everyone would) when we realised the main actor for the other group; HC, playing Liang, was absent, and so the piece could not be performed. MC -Liang in our group, however, decided the show must go on and so joined the other group to learn in twenty minutes what the group had had six weeks to learn.

And then, with me on sounds once again, the second group started their performance. Like the first, we wish to post theirs on the blog as well. Unfortunately, there is a problem with uploading it. This is because they are both over ten minutes so we cannot post them on Youtube. We may have to resort to posting the two in two separate pieces, rather than one full video, however we aim to find a new site to post them on, so we can get them in full (if you know of any free sites we can use for video sharing, please comment below, and we will thank you in the video post if they work). Our main aim is to get the performance out to you, our loyal viewers, so we can showcase our acting talents, after just 14 weeks of lessons.

Now, onto yesterday’s lesson – our last lesson before the spectacle which is the Christmas holidays (debatably the best holidays, as we get no school and presents. I am also going to visit the Crown Courts, hopefully accompanied by TM, but that’s a more personal note). We were told at the beginning that we were going to have a fun lesson – to which we replied with “and they aren’t normally sir?” – full of fun and games and fun and drama.

The first game was a vampire game. We were told the rules were that the vampires (whom nobody knew the identities of) had to find the people and squeeze their arms gently. Mr R then went on to show this, with HC’s arm, however we had just had some injections, and so HC started to recoil in horror before he did – leading to an eruption of laughter from the rest of the class. The rules were then changed because of that, to two gentle squeezes of the neck. We were then all blindfolded and we set out on the game, of which CV won, and he won a small prize – of satisfaction.

The second game was the creation of a game. One person started a game and everyone joined in with what they thought the game was, and eventually everyone was playing a game which no one had decided rules to. Anarchy ensued. The games rules were simple, one team was block, the other was chair, and they had to build a pile before the other, and stop any saboteur. When it came to violence, the rugby tackles showed there were no rules or limitations. Eventually, time was called and we decided there was no winner. It was quite an evolution from TS’ original game of ‘try and move stuff from one side of the classroom to the other as fast as possible’.

Then, the lesson ended and we were given the task of making our portfolios (a written up booklet which details all of the choices we made in our performance and all of the changes which ensued) for after the Christmas holidays, and were given the wise words of “you’ll get out whatever you put in” and “beware, these will be your only revision guides for the written exam.” We will keep you updated with the portfolios (maybe uploading pictures of some) and also what’s coming up in 2013 – supposing we don’t die today/tonight.

So, all I can say is that I hope you enjoyed reading our first term as much as we enjoyed providing the material to put on the blog. Our first term is over, and so is preparation for half of the written exam. For the next two weeks, there will be no posts about lessons, however I will carry on trying to post about something every Tuesday and Thursday, except next Tuesday of course, because I think there may be some large festival some time that day. But yes, I will try and post, even if it is only about my boring life over the holidays. Have a very Merry Christmas guys, or maybe just have fun not being at school. Oh, and a good new year, if we are still alive




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