Chinese Theatre GCSE final performance (part 3)

So, here it is. I’m very sorry about not posting anything at all last week, but there was some kind of occasion apparently. This included the receiving of presents from people, and so I was relatively caught up. I did try again to set up the video, but it failed. I tried again, last night, and it finally worked. So, here is the piece that my group have been trying to perfect for the last seven or so weeks. This is the final part of the epic journey of factual information of which you have been venturing.

(I apologise about the lighting affecting the video; the camera was not perfect quality. It is the same problem we found in the last performance we posted)

The video:

I hope you enjoyed it, and that you enjoyed hearing about our lessons and the little nuggets of information which we gave you throughout the term/half term. We hope you will stay with us throughout the following term and, hopefully, the next year. 2013 promises to be a full year, starting some GCSEs and finishing others, however I hope we will still be able to keep you interested.

So here’s to the next year

Thank you for reading/watching and we’ll have the second part up soon



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