Well, a new term is finally upon us and we are all ready to venture into new dimensions of comedy – to be more exact, scripted performances.

To finish off this post, there will be the video of the second group as their final piece, however I give the lesson overview from today’s lesson as well. After two weeks of almost no posting at all, thanks to the Christmas holidays, I decided I would post this entry no matter what, so here I am. Writing this at 11pm, trying to make sure the video can be finished and ready before midnight, just so I can get some sleep before I wake up tomorrow morning, but I digress.

This lesson, we were greeted with a warm hello, where we all showed each other our portfolios and gathered into a circle. We then realised the addition of a keyboard in the classroom, so we all started to play random tunes, and put the demo of “latin samba” on, just for a bit of a dance off. And then the lesson started.

After a gathering in the centre for a ‘circle of doom/death’ (we haven’t fully decided fully on a name yet) where we talked about our ‘hols’ and then the portfolios. This wasn’t any talk, however. It was mainly riddled with all kinds of innuendoes and inside jokes (some new ones were even formed, but they can only be described as ‘had to be there’ moments). After, we were given our new assignment. We had to split up into groups of no less than 4 people, and we had to choose a play and perform it. The groups were laid out as MC, TA, RM and ED (group 1), then me, TM, TS and JA (group 2) and finally, SA, CV, JR and HC (group 3). My group then thundered into the library, a haven for the literary works we were looking for. I cannot give any insight into the two other groups, however I did see group 1 reading over the importance of being earnest by Oscar Wilde. Our group looked mainly at the court scenes in Animal farm and The merchant of Venice, mainly because of the characters in those parts. Then we were left with a dilemma. Animal farm had too many Characters, although we could get the maskwork skill in, and The merchant had the right amount of characters, but somebody had to play a girl playing a boy (as Portia dresses as a judge in the court case between Shylock and Antonio), A task deemed hard by our teacher. Therefore, we decided to do some research tonight, and we are going to pitch our ideas in the next lesson.

So, we have reached the end, and so I now have  promised video which I have to post. Therefore, here it is:

Please note that the main character – Liang – had to be played by MC instead of HC, because he was absent. Therefore Liang had just  10-20 minutes to leanr his lines and cues

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy our next performance




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