Scripted Performance Lesson 3

This lesson, our group mainly just did a lot of research into the play we are doing – Oedipus. We researched the play in general, but also about Greek theatre and how it creates tension/tragedy/comedy/etc. We also looked at the costumes that were worn, and had a small glance at the kinds of theatres which they were performed in.

Scripted Theatre Lesson 3This particular play by Sophocles is a tragedy, and is adapted from the legend of Oedipus. We, however, are only looking at the scene where Oedipus (played by TM) questions the shepherd (played by TS)/ This scene is not comic at all, and treads a light path between tragedy and a more tense angry portion.

We decided before that we were going to do masks, and so researched what kinds of masks were used. We found out that the masks were used mainly to emphasize and further exaggerate the emotion of the character. They were also made of a cork-like substance which means that their voices were easier to hear, however made them rot, and none are still left today.

The costumes mainly used in the Greek performances were the typical tunics/toga-like sheath, which we will try to recreate with pieces of cloth or bed-sheets.

With staging, we found out that Greek plays usually use a more minimalist set, and in an amphitheatre-like shape. Upon hearing this knowledge, TM had an amazing idea, and so we decided we were going to use the outside classroom, a small stage in the back of the school, facing the VIth form centre. It is in the shape of an amphitheatre, and so we decided it would be great. Unfortunately, there is a downside. The performance will be in four weeks, and so we have to hope that the weather will be clearer than the snow we had today and yesterday (woohoo) or we will all be extremely cold; sheets were perfect for the warmth of the Mediterranean, but aren’t so suitable for the British winter (or summer for that matter).

We then took out some books from the library, mainly to research the techniques and setting used, but also so I could write a rough overview of the story for the blog, coming soon.

We found out from these some better information about the stage type, shape and size and were also given a book recommendation from our Latin teacher, Mr G.

Eventually, we had decided on how we were going to use our rehearsal time, and who would play which characters, so the lesson was a success from our point .


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