Scripted Theatre Lesson 6

Scripted Theatre Lesson 6

This lesson, Mr. R organised to have a lesson where we watched everyone’s pieces and then gave some feedback. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform ours due to time constraints. This therefore meant we could only watch the other two groups perform their parts of ‘Someone who’ll watch over me’ (group 3) and the ‘Importance of being earnest’ (group 1).

The first performance we watched was performed by group 1. They performed the first 5 minutes of their piece, and I personally thought it was very impressive. When the performance was over, we were then told to give the performance a rating of A* to F. HC was the one instructed to give his rating of it, and he agreed with me that it was very impressive, and rated it as an A*. However, there were problems, especially as their style was naturalistic and their voices did not seem entirely natural, which was the main one. Mr. R said that they should try and vary their voices better, except TA, or Lane, who he said was very good at capturing the character.

The second performance we watched was ‘Someone who’ll watch over me’, by group 3. Their performance seemed, to me, to be really good, and everyone else agreed with that. The actors, in general, were pretty good and their accents were believable, especially SA’s Irish one. The jokes were well told, and left the audience wanting more. This time, Mr. R agreed with us as well, with only minor changes needing to be looked at. Unfortunately, however, their group was not entirely scriptless, however that was one of the only flaws which I picked up.

Overall, the lesson was interesting and we were disappointed to not be able to perform ours.



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