Scripted Theatre Lesson 8

This lesson we started off with a short task on how we should perfect our portfolio. This was following a small bout of insecurity over what to put into them, as they were out first ones and we wanted to perfect them. Unlike the other lessons on this subject, however, we were given a task which would make our portfolios more interactive and also easier to share with one another. We were told we should start up a Google Drive account and add each others’ accounts so we could share each other’s work and work with others.

SA and I were also given an extra task of making the different areas of the portfolio on the blog, and putting in all the tiny details which should be covered. SS, along with me, is a techie and also does an amazing Irish accent. He and I have a great insight into the technical part of theatre and we worked together throughout the Chinese Theatre subject. We were therefore the ones who were chosen to try and work out how the Google Drive thing would work and a good way of presenting all of the data we were given to say.

Unfortunately, however, SS and I have very little knowledge on how the Google Drive works and how we can use it to its full potential, and so we are asking for help (i.e. if anyone has any helpful pointers please comment them) and also for any ideas we could put into the portfolio when we post that rather soon.

After this, we also started to rehearse our scripted performance as well. We tried to develop different ways of making the first monologue by Oedipus natural and also tense. There also had to be the senses of fear, sorrow and anger. We managed to greatly improve the way the monologue was presented and based it on David Tennant’s version of Macbeth, one which we thought was a very interesting watch and was gripping to observe. The large pauses and facial and body expressions were greatly admired and we tried to put them into our performance before we went onto the next parts of the scene.

We thank you greatly for any comments


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