Scripted Theatre Lessons 12, 13 And 14

These next three lessons were performances by group 1, 3 and 2, respective.
Group one performed their piece of The Importance Of Being Earnest; (RM – Algernon, MC – Earnest/Jack, TA – Lane, ED – Technician)
Group three performed their piece of Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me; (SA – Edward, CV – Micheal, HC – Adam, JR – Technician)
Group two performed on our piece of Oedipus Rex; (Oedipus – TM, Shepherd – TS, Messenger – JA, Leader – GT)

Scripted Theatre Lessons 12, 13 And 14The first piece we watched was Group one’s performance. Being the first performance we had watched of the scripted performance, we were all anxious to see how it would turn out. The performance went well, with no obvious line mix ups. The lighting was done well and reflected the style of naturalism. The scene performed was very good, and started with Algernon playing a piano piece badly, and the performance refused to echo this. The performance started off amazingly, with expression and jokes being carried out to plan. Unfortunately, however, it could be said that by the end the quality has started to dip. Although the end quality was not bad, it definitely was not at the standard of their performance at the beginning. Overall, the performance was a joy to watch and the jokes, although we had heard them all before on countless occasions, were still funny and released bouts of giggles throughout the audience. The grading for the performance was a high B, and they were told a few different ways in which the performance could have been improved, including making some of the characters a bit more eccentric and by making the conversation seem like the period it was set in more, however I very much enjoyed watching it.

Scripted Theatre Lessons 12, 13 And 14The second piece we watched was the performance by group 3. Although labelled as group 3, their performance was the second to be watched. With their unusual choice of staging (taking up the entirety of the class room, however being encased in one small area within it, tied with chains to the wall), the space was defined well and contextually. The performance was well presented, and the characters were created well. The lines were performed with relevant accents which were also done well. The jokes also brought up chuckles amongst the audience. The performance did not seem to have any technical difficulties or line mix ups and their genre was well reflected. The end grade was also a high B and there were a few points which they were told to improve upon. One of said points were the buildings of characters; as although we thought they did well, they were not all fully developed and the lines were not always delivered with a fast pace, which would have been needed for some of the dialogues.

Scripted Theatre Lessons 12, 13 And 14The final piece, which I didn’t watch for obvious reasons, was group 2. Although I could not tell how it looked from the outside, I know that there weren’t any line mishaps, or at least they weren’t too noticeable. The performance went how it was planned to go and we used the masks we wanted to in the beginning. No technical mishaps – a surprise as we just asked someone to do it out of the blue – and the overall use of costumes went well to show the genre of Greek. At the end, we were rated as a high B, which could easily have been developed to become an A if we had of characterised better. Also, our use of masks could have been improved greatly, as we forgot rule number one of masks – don’t speak in them. Luckily, however, we were let off, as it helped show the style of Greek theatre whilst still showing the genre of minimalism. Overall, although I couldn’t give a real review of it, It seemed to go well from my perspective.


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