KEGS drama returns

KEGSdrama Returns

4 months after its last post, KEGSdrama has been revived to its former glory. The only possible excuse I can give for my disgusting lack of posts is that I have had no time since Tests season in last academic year, and after that we had the summer holidays – and so no drama lessons to talk about.
Now, in the new school year, the theatre reviews, lesson diaries and small bits of knowledge shall be refined and concentrated, to make them easier and more fact-filled than before, to increase reading enjoyment.

This first post of the new school year will talk about the practical section of our Drama GCSE.

In the previous year, we worked for the written section – 40% of the overall mark – and I talked about our Chinese theatre part (Question A), our Oedipus/Someone who’ll watch over me/Importance of being Earnest part (Question B) and a short analysis of Question C – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time – will be posted soon. I hope also to upload my portfolios for Questions A, B and C so that they can be read, and people can take ideas from them and help me improve them. These posts will be accompanied by the mark scheme for all of the parts.
This year, we are focussing on the two (possibly three) practical performances we have to do, as well as refining our writing skills, meaning that exemplar questions and answers may be posted and comments can be made on them.

The year will go like this:

·         First half term:

Devised performance and overrun time (extra time that will be used to perfect our performances or used to revise writing, depending on what we need it for)

·         Second half term:

Possible second performance (if the overrun time is used for writing, if not, then this time will be used for writing skills)

·         Christmas:

a recap of what we have done and why, as well as other interesting pieces of information

·         Second term:

Scripted performance rehearsals – one which will be watched and marked by a mediator and will give us our overall mark

·         Third term:

Performance of Scripted work, Exam season and Study Leave. This means that, after an update on how the performance went, there will be a drop in posting, as there will be no lessons, and Exams will take over.

Therefore, according to this itinerary, we are halfway through the first half term – where most groups have decided upon a theme, a performance and have almost finished devising and rehearsing. The final performance of the overall piece will be on Thursday 3rd October, and so we really have our work cut out for us.

The next update will likely be next Thursday, and will say whether we managed to add the finishing touches to our performance in time.



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