Written Exam Practice

From here on, until around January, we will be starting to do some practice essays and practice papers for the written exam (40% of the overall grade), so as to prepare for the part that usually brings down the grade.

This therefore means that there won’t be any formal lesson posts – as not much will go on other than essay questions and answers – however the questions will be posted, as well as assorted answers so that we can show how we are doing, and also so that we can be told by you guys how to improve. We can also say how we would improve them and how we did improve them.

Other things I will post will include mark schemes for the exam, and different examiner’s reports, so that we can use this as a revision guide, and also so that anyone wishing to take drama can read this and find out what drama is like, and what will be expected of them.

Written Exam PracticeThis week’s lesson, we embraced the final lesson before hours of essay writing by playing a few games of “try not to laugh” which, in essence, is quite self-explanatory. The entire group stands in a circle, and then a selected student is told to walk up to another student and act like they are being electrocuted, and nobody is allowed to laugh, including the person being electrocuted. The good thing about this game is that it isn’t only fun; because when you’re out you can try and make the others laugh by gurning, etc. but it also teaches you about focus and self-control in acting, as it is important to be able to remain in character, regardless of what’s going on around you.

But it is still a lot of fun.


pictures from upload.wikimedia.org and pptcrafter.files.wordpress.com


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