China Trip

This page is a where you can access all the posts we are going to blog about China trips from KEGS past, present and future. The only problem I found with the ‘present’ part, is that I could not access the English version of wordpress from China, making it difficult to post the pieces at the time, meaning I had to post them all straight after. There is, however, a version of wordpress in Mandarin, however, as I only knew how to write Beijing in Mandarin (and that is only by remembering backwards t, forwards t, elephant wearing a sombrero = 北京), I could not post the blog from there.

Another problem would be with writing about future trips, as this is kind of impossible. Therefore, its probably really inaccurate to say ‘past, present and future’ as we can only really do past, but you see what I mean.

To visit all the posts about the China trips, visit the side bar on the left and select China trip and you will see all the relevant posts, or just press here

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed living them.


What is your view on this?

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