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This page is where you really get to make your ideas heard. At the bottom of this is a comment box. Here you can tell us how you think we are doing, what you think we could do better and new parts you would like us to add, especially if there are any related issues that you want us to address. We are in the process of starting an interview page, where we will be unleashed on the world of theatre to find out first-hand views of the different areas of the profession.  Whereas I cannot guarantee all comments will show up on the feed, I can assure everyone that their view will be heard and all comments will be read, no matter how trivial the topic on which they are set. If you have any specific comments on a specific post, we would still like to insist that you should post it on that post; just so we can be sure which part you are referring to, especially if it is very precise. This is a large step for us, as it means that we can talk to our readers without any barriers between us. Please do take time to post your views and how you found out about our blog as every point of view is gratefully accepted as a way in which we can improve our blog.

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